Vermin control and spraying

  • Elimination of wasps and wasp nests – We can both identify and safely dispose of any wasp and wasp nest issues that you may have at your property. Whilst this service is seldom required it can be crucial in ensuring a safe landscape in which for your tenants to work in. The presence of wasps can cause immense discomfort to those working on your property and Chiltern Estates maintenance can dispose of this humanely and effectively. Post-disposal we can also advise on how to prevent further infestation.
  • Mole catching – The presence of moles can cause unsightly damages to landscape elements including, but not limited to: lawns and borders, topiary and hedging and planting beds.
  • Rodent catching and elimination – It is important that your property remains as rodent free as possible. Whilst it is essential that your property remains rodent free it is also essential that this happens in a discrete and effective way. Chiltern Estates Maintenance can manage the process of exterminating rodents as well as ensuring that rodents do not become a persistent problem on your property. By doing this in a humane and discrete manner the impact upon tenants and their employees remains minimal.
  • Vermin control – As previously alluded to we can design and implement vermin control solutions that are subtle, discrete and humane. This will minimize distress for your tenants and their employees whilst maintaining a secure working environment.
  • Weed control – Weeds are both unsightly and harmful to your property and the landscape surrounding it. Too often weeding is neglected by landscape maintenance services and, left untended; weeds can become unsightly and even damaging to your property. Through proper and regular landscape maintenance we can ensure that weeds never affect the value of your property or the satisfaction of your clients.
  • All the above services are delivered under license.