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Tree work and Hedges

  • Pruning and felling - We prevent trees and hedges encroaching on other elements of the office or industrial landscape. Furthermore, we will regularly prune trees and hedges to maintain your office or industrial landscape. As part of our service we will advise on the safety of trees on your property and scope any tree works which need to be performed. After scoping these works we can remove any dangerous or harmful trees or branches.
  • Hedge cutting - Within office or industrial properties hedging is, often, the most significant landscape maintenance task. Chiltern Estates Maintenance will cut and maintain hedges around your property. Hedge maintenance could include, but is not limited to: car park hedge maintenance, box hedge maintenance, maintenance of border hedges and maintenance of hedges surrounding flower beds and other landscape elements.
  • Establishment of new hedges - Hedging can provide an effective natural barrier to your property or to elements within your property. Hedges can break up the monotony of a car park, hide unsightly landscape elements or provide subtle privacy to individual buildings or the property as a whole.
  • Tree planting - The planting of trees can break up the horizon of a property or, in the same way as hedges, reduce the visual presence of undesirable elements. As part of these works we will source trees and plant them as well as providing advice on tree selection to provide a manageable and durable species.
  • Arborist surveys - As mentioned previously we can audit and advise on necessary arborist services. This advice will be professional and under license and will ensure that your property is safe for any that work on it but also that buildings and other property elements are also protected from damages. 
  • All the above services are performed under licence.
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