Lawns and BordersLawns and Borders

Lawns and Borders

  • Seeding and laying new turf - We undertake works to repair turf which may already be damaged and in need of repair. We also undertake the relaying of large areas of turf such as lawns, squares and gardens. As part of the turfing process we will give professional landscaping advice to reduce future maintenance and prevent repeat deteriation. Finally, we can undertake the creation of large areas of turf and lawn to replace exposed ground or industrial rubble.
  • Repairing and fertilizing lawns - Additionally to the repair of lawns that have fallen into disrepair we will maintain and fertilize lawns laid by Chiltern Estates Maintenance or other contractors. We will ensure that lawns are looking neat and pristine.
  • Grass cuttingA well kept lawn can provide a beautiful backdrop to a workplace or residential property. A long or untidy lawn can create the opposite effect. We can visit your property regularly in order to keep your lawns, big or small, looking well tended. We can cater for a variety of sizes of lawn.
  • Weed and quality control - As part of our service we will conduct regular and essential preventative measures to ensure that weeds do not appear on your property. Also, should your lawn have become riddled with moss or patchy we will diagnose what the issue is and rectify it. Through weeding and quality control we can ensure that your lawn looks uniform and stays healthy.
  • Border husbandry - As with the previously mentioned grass cutting we will maintain the borders of your lawn to create a neat finish on any lawns on your property. This will keep the lawn from expanding and affecting other landscape elements but also keep the area looking neat and tidy. This essential maintenance will make your office property a pleasant place to come and work.
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