• CCTV system installationCCTV systems are becoming an increasingly commonplace solution to providing both a safeguard against criminal activity and a way of ensuring that your clients employees feel safe on site. We can install this relatively essential system around your property to guarantee that your property is as safe and secure as possible.
  • Security system recommendations – If you are going to invest in CCTV or other security systems it is important that you receive professional advise tailored to your property. The needs of each property are likely to vary based on their clientele, resources and surrounding environment. Chiltern Estates Maintenance can advise on the needs of the property and recommend solutions which mean that your security is as physically effective and cost effective as possible.
  • Maintenance of security systems – For security systems to be as effective as possible they need to be subjected to regular and professional maintenance. As part of our landscape and ground maintenance service we can maintain existing or installed security systems to give you piece of mind 24/7.